25%      Corporate/Commercial Collection Rates *
35%      Retail/Consumer Collection Rates
50%      If account is more than 180 days past due; skipped
or address unknown; less than $200; has Judgment;
or listed with another agency; or international.
*Established commercial clients may qualify for preferred rates. Please contact us.

To use the various collection services of Affinity Credit Solutions, and without the payment of any advance fee, the Creditor agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All accounts assigned for collection, to the best of the Creditor’s knowledge, will include names and amounts that are correct and legally due; and are not/will not be assigned to another agency.
  2. Validation and documentation or information regarding the accounts will be available upon request.
  3. Affinity Credit Solutions is authorized to establish and maintain a trust account for the purpose of handling, processing and endorsing all payments pertaining to this Creditor.
  4. The Creditor will report promptly to Affinity Credit Solutions any payments made directly to the Creditor, or merchandise returned and accepted as payment, as the regular commission rates will be charged on such credits.
  5. The Creditor understand that commission is paid only when money is received or merchandise returned.
  6. Affinity Credit Solutions will provide a monthly accounting of all funds received as payment towards the assigned accounts, less their collection fees. In the case of direct payment to the Creditor and/or gross recoveries, the Creditor will pay Affinity Credit Solutions promptly for services.
  7. The Creditor understand that when closing an account, and after conducting a review, an applicable fee may be charged.
  8. Legal Action will not be commenced without the written consent of the Creditor; who must first forward all required documentation as requested by Affinity Credit Solutions. We will submit Civil Action fees as noted, or advance necessary fees when an attorney is required. The Creditor will remain responsible for all legal fees and court costs not paid by the debtor once the account is authorized for legal action; these court costs will be refunded to the Creditor from the first monies collected on the account.
  9. Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the other at least 30 days prior to the date of termination.

$315.00 (incl gst)   Account balances $0.00 – $7,500.00
$420.00 (incl gst)   Account balances $7,501.00 – $50,000.00

This fee, subject to change, will take a file to Judgment, including the Writ.
Additional recoverable costs may be required for enforcement.

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Contact Name
Email Address
Report to Credit Bureaus
Blanket Legal Authorization
Blanket Settlement Authorization
If Yes – What %
Contractual Interest to be Charged
If Yes – What is the Annual Rate %
I agree with above Terms and Conditions

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