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The founding partners came together in 1996 with extensive industry experience and a unique philosophy. Consistent year over year growth has allowed us to “brand” those attributes into a well respected benefit for hundreds of clients and thousands of their customers.

Affinity Credit Solutions has always provided Third Party Collection Services built around a consistent foundational business philosophy of Integrity, Respect & Performance.

Integrity is Honesty! – by adhering to moral and ethical principles.
Respect shows Consideration! – by holding others in esteem or honor.
Performance achieves Results! – by successfully fulfilling a task.

You can trust Affinity Credit Solutions because our desire is to treat every client in such a way that we will achieve… first – your Satisfaction as we gain trust by simply meeting your accounts receivable needs… then – your Loyalty after you have enjoyed our consistent service and results… and finally – your Affinity – the force that causes two elements to join and stay together – which will result in a relationship that you will defend.

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